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Subject: Family Debt Part 23FAMILY DEBT - PART 23John's ViewTom dropped me off outside my house, and I more or less
staggered up the front drive with just about everything sore
and aching. Steve had stayed in the car, and was going on
with his grandfather. He had said he was preteen lolita models google
too tired to go to
any dinner party, and Tom had told him that he could come on
to his place and have a shower and a rest. I think that
really Steve was just unwilling to face his Mum and his
sister after what had just been happening, and I couldn't
blame him for that. It's quite a shock to find that you have
desires like that buried deep inside you, and no doubt he
could do with some down time to get himself adjusted to it.As for me, at that moment I was probably the happiest and
most content I hade even been in my life.I opened up the door, and was confronted by my wife, Claire,
stark naked and bent over pulling aides her arse cheeks to
display herself to two boys sitting on the sofa. Both had
their cocks out wanking. I recognised them as friends of
Dawn's from her school - from their faces, rather than their
cocks. Ands there was Dawn herself, standing beside her
mother. She grinned when she saw me enter."And here's Daddy to join lolita kids top model
in the family fun," she said.
"Boys, you've seen what a slut my mother is, but Daddy here
beats her hands down. He gets off on stealing my dirty
underwear and wearing it, and being fucked by other man.
Don't you, Daddy?"She looked me straight in the eye. "Yes," I said quietly.
"Yes, Mistress," I added quickly when her look turned
harder."Good boy. Now show my friends your cock."I turned towards the boys. They had looked quite terrified
when I had walked in, but the expressions of fear had now
transformed into smirks. They watched me as I unzipped my
trousers and pulled out my limp cock. I let it hang there as
one of them laughed."He really wears your dirty knickers?" he asked Dawn."Wears them," she answered. "Sniffs them. Licks them. Don't
you, Daddy?""Yes, Mistress," I said as I stood there at the behest of my
daughter showing my cock to two teenaged boys, the parents
of both whom I knew socially."And he's queer?" the same one asked.I remembered his name now. Peter. His father was an
accountant, and I'd played golf with him a few times. His
mother was something of a flirt, a bored housewife with too
much time on her hands. She and Claire moved in the same
circles. The other lad was Tristan. I'd met his parents at
PTA meetings and school functions, but didn't know them
well. It looked, though, as if their son was getting to know
me a bit too well. He wasn't as loud as his friend, but
there was a look in his eye as he looked from me to Claire
that suggested that he was seeing much more in this
situation. They do say that the quiet ones are the worst, or
the best depending on your point of view."As bent as a nine quid note," Dawn said. "Last night I
watched my brother fuck his face while I rammed a dildo up
his arse. My Dad's that is, not my brother's.""Bloody hell, Dawn!" Peter said. "Your parents are a lot
more fun than mine are."Dawn laughed. "You never know, Pete," she said. "You never
know till you try. Fancy fucking your Mum, do you?"He leered back at her. "I want to fuck yours," he said."Can I have a feel?" Tristan asked, speaking for lolita angels art gallery the first
time."Of my Mum?" Dawn asked him."Of both of them," he answered.She smiled and waved a hand at us in invitation. "Of course
you can, Tristan," she said. "Be my guest."He came to me first, walking across the room with his
erection swaying in front of him. Stood looking at me for a
moment, inspecting me, and then grabbed hold of my cock. He
squeezed it between his fingers, making it instantly start
to grow. When it was hard, he took his own and rubbed it
along the top of mine."Looks like your Dad isn't the only fag around here," Pete
said."Shut up, Pete," Dawn told him sharply, and he subsided in
an instant."Can I fuck him?" he asked Dawn."Sure," she said, as casually as if he were asking
permission to use her pen."Your Mum should watch," he said."Of course," Dawn answered.He took hold of my cock again and used it to lead me to the
sofa, next to Pete who quickly got out of the way. Tristan
pushed me pre teen lolita xxx face forward onto it, so that my back was arched
and my arse sticking out. As he reached around me to bd sisters loli pics
undo my
trousers and pull them down, Dawn brought Claire into my eye
line. We'd been married a long time and I thought I knew her
well, but never had I seen that gleam in her eye before that
was there now as she watched the young boy readying to
violate her husband arse. And then I saw a matching gleam in
Dawn's.Dawn's panties that I had been wearing this morning had
disappeared somewhere at the office, so I was wearing
nothing underneath my trousers. Tristan bent down to look at
me, separating my cheeks with his fingers."He's already been fucked recently," he said. "And more than
once.""Granddad took him down the park," Dawn told him. "To the
gay clearing."Tristan stood up straight again. I glanced back to see him
taking a packet of condoms out of his pocket and extracting
one."Do you always go about prepared, Tristan?" Dawn asked him."I was a boy scout," he answered, chuckling. "You learn to
be prepared with some of those scout masters."I looked back at Claire. She caught my look and smiled.
"You're going to get your arse fucked, John," she said.
"Just like I had mine fucked earlier. Me by some stranger
off the street, and you by one of your panties lolita pantyhose models daughter's friends.
And I'm going to be watching him ram his big cock up your
arsehole, fuck it like a woman's cunt. Watch and love it.
Seeing you treated like the sissy bitch that you are."Funnily enough, it was the language that really shocked me.
After all that had been happening, and with my wife standing
stark naked and next to my daughter as they waited for this
boy to fuck my arse, It was the language that left me wide-
eyed. It was hearing it from Claire's prim lips, which for
all our time together had even hesitated over willy and
bottom. I wondered if Samantha fully understood what a
floodgate she had opened."Fuck him hard," Claire was saying to Tristan. "Rape his
faggot arse for him. Show the cock-sucking bastard what it's
like to be really fucked."I felt pressure on my anus, and then all of a sudden he was
inside of me.Samantha's ViewI ran my eye down the list, checking of the names of those
whom I had rung and who had been available. It was good
mixture, and Kathryn and Louise had taken a lot of pleasure
in helping me pick out the best for the purpose from our
perverted little circle. Dad had phoned to say he wouldn't
be able to come, and neither would Steve. I did wonder about
that, but it did leave more room for those who would be
tasting my sister's degradation for the first time.And it was quite a bunch. There was the minister from
Claire's church. He was a doddery old fool who couldn't get
it up half the term, but he was perfect for this. Claire
would simply die of embarrassment when she saw lolita bbs preteen pussy him sitting
there, and die all over again when I let the old reprobate
feel her up. And there was the biggest client of Dad's and
John's company, whom John was always nagging Claire to be
nice to. Well, tonight she could be extra nice to him. And
his wife and daughter, who would also be coming. Next, and
this was particularly Kathryn's idea, there was tiny lolitas legal anal a teacher
from their school who taught both Steve and Dawn. He would
be bringing his mousey-looking wife, who was anything but
mousey when she let her hair down, and was also a teacher
and worked part-time at the school. Finally, and this one
was my idea, there was an old flame of Claire's from college
days, along with his very beautiful wife. Claire had always
told me that she had dumped him, but he had long ago
revealed to me, when we were in bed together in fact, that
he had left her because she refused to contemplate anything
but the missionary position and told him that he was sick
because he wanted oral sex. He had been her first proper
boyfriend, and tonight she was going to find out what she
missed out on. And, of course, there would be Kay.I put down the list and padded through to the kitchen. I was
still naked from where the girls had stripped me, but few
windows in the house were overlooked. None of us wore
clothes very much around the house, which is probably why
very little ever got done. Just too tempting, and so much
more pleasurable then dusting and hovering.Pouring myself a soft drink, I find myself thinking about
Claire. I had detested my big sister as long as I could
remember. Her prim and proper manner, her disapproval of
everything and everyone who didn't meet her exacting
standards, her coldness. When dad came to me with his
suspicions, and I confirmed them and so much more by hacking
into my brother-in-law's computers, I thought my time had
finally come. Sweet revenge fort all those slights and years
of disapproval. And at the beginning, so it had been. But
now? Now I had looked deep into my sister and found so much
more than she ever showed on the surface. I'd actually done
her a favour, letting her out of her self-imposed cage, and
I didn't mind at all. I was glad, even. I was actually
starting to like the bitch.I went looking for my daughters, and inevitably found them
in their bedroom enjoying each other's bodies. Kathryn was
on her back on their big double bed with her legs open and
her sister between them with her face buried between her
thighs."Hello, Mum," Kathryn greeted me lazily. "All sorted?""All done," I said, my eyes running down their conjoined
bodies. Louise's pert little arse looked so inviting. I put
a foot on one tight buttock, prodding her with my toes. My
excuse was getting her attention, but it also felt very
good. "We have a lot to do. No time for fun until the fun
begins."Louise lifted her face to me, grinning with her face
glistening from her bbs loli great pics sister's juices. "Don't be such loli no nude jp a prune,
Mum," she said. "There's nothing to do. We can get
takeaway.""For a dinner party?""You really think they're going to be taking any notice of
the food?" she asked as she returned once more to her
efforts on her sister.It was a good point. I got down on my knees behind Louise
and pulled apart those perfect arse cheeks to reveal her
sweet little puckered hole. Lowering my face to it, I licked
delicately around the rim. Hearing her muffled sigh, I
plunged my tongue into her hole and lost myself to the
pleasure of tonguing out her arsehole.Tom's View.While Steve showered I phoned Samantha and then settled down
with a scotch to wait for him to finish. I'd been tempted to
watch him showering, but figured he needed a little space
and solitude to think after the afternoon he had had. I'd
left him a robe for afterwards, but when he came down he was
naked. He stood there in the doorway, smiling shyly and
looking at me."That feel better?" I asked."It was great," he said.. "You should have joined me."I shrugged at that, not quite knowing what to say. He came
over and sat on the floor by my knees, resting a hand on my
thigh."Did you phone Aunt Samantha?" he asked.I nodded. "She's fine with it," I said. "You can relax for
the evening. How are you feeling, Steve?""Pretty good," he said, smiling again.I reached out and stroked his still-damp hair. He laid his
head in my lap, and I felt his fingers opening up my flies."There's no need for that, Steve," I said. "I told you, you
can relax for the evening. Just please yourself.""I a\m pleasing myself, Granddad," he said, extracting my
cock from my trousers.He closed his lips over the head, and I immediately felt
myself growing. He held it in his hand as he took it out of
his mouth and looked up at me."I've been fucked hard, Granddad," he said. "Now I want to
know what it's like to be fucked gentle. Will you take me to
bed?"I stroked his head again as he once more took me into his
hot wet mouth. "Of course I will, Steve," I said.
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